Charlene Yi retaliates to TMZ’s prank editing with a short film

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I wasn't even sure what to call this. Is this a prank? From what I can tell, the facts are thus: TMZ asked Charlene Yi (Knocked Up, Paper Heart) to help promote Oxfam, the charity that helps feed starving people around the globe. She agreed, because she's not a monster. Then TMZ edited the film together to make her look like some kind of angry, using-a-cause-to-get-attention famous person. So Yi made this:

So, obviously this could all be fake, as many places have pointed out. Which is definitely true, though Yi doesn't seem like the type of person who would go in for that and TMZ really seems like the kind of rag that would go in for that. Hopefully the end game of this event — no matter how fake or real it is — will be that Oxfam gets some attention. But mostly, I just feel dirty on behalf of everyone involved.

Also, question that is not unrelated: do people stop getting to voice opinions when they're famous? I've always wondered why people get all upset by celebrities speaking out for/against whatever, when I doubt any of us, were we to become suddenly famous, would instantly stop caring about the causes we already care about and using our means, whatever they may be, to help. Can anyone help me out there?