ChatRoulette is taken off the Internet

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I know what you're thinking: where will I see anonymous guys masturbating, people in weird animal costumes, and bored fifteen-year olds now? (Hopefully not all in one place.) Yes, ChatRoulette — Internet fad of approximately four months ago — has apparently been taken down by its creator, Russian teenager Andrey Ternovskiy.

Ternovskiy had mentioned in the past that he was working on a way to remove the many brandished penises from the site, and maybe he's finally found it. As of right now, if you go to ChatRoulette, this is what you'll see:

So will this new version somehow seek and remove all the wang? And will a new, tamer ChatRoulette even hold anyone's interest, considering the old, wild ChatRoulette seemed to have fallen out of favor? I have no idea. But at least we'll always have Merton: