Check out “Literally Unbelievable,” a collection of people taking The Onion seriously

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I think we've all been there: you're reading through an article online, rage or elation or stupefaction slowly building, when suddenly you think, "I should probably check to see if this isn't real." On the worst of moments, you send it on to someone else first, probably employing way too many exclamation points. Hopefully you can play this off with a "Hahaha isn't this so funny don't think I'm an imbecile." Suffice it to say, the people who show up on Literally Unbelievable… did not do that. No, these people really believed the often ridiculous parody of The Onion, and unfortunately for them, they shared it with the world.

Not surprisingly, most of the unbelievable things people choose to believe are political:

Love that one girl's winking frowny-face response. It says, "I'm sad about this baby killing factory, but buy me a drink and let's see where the night goes…" Naturally, when it's not about politics, it's about Harry Potter:

I can see myself enjoying this blog for a long, long time to come. Now I just need to make sure I never end up on it.