Check out these insane black and white photos from yesteryear

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Something always rings false whenever conservative media or spokespeople from "family-centric" initiatives issue their complaints about the degradation of today's society. The world's not going to hell in a handbasket; it's the same as it ever was. Sure, the comedic stylings of, say, a Tim & Eric may get people considering the possibility that the world is a darker and stranger place than it ever was. But to eradicate that thought, one need only look at the incredible blog Black and WTF to see that, in fact, people have always been this crazy and weird.

The blog compiles the strangest black and white photos around, and today Matt Stopera, the curator of the site, posted his favorite fifty photos over at Buzzfeed. They are, as you'd imagine, completely insane. They defy explanation. They are portals into a different world, a place where someone felt it necessary to capture this moment, for whatever reason. It's like looking into the mind of a mentally-deranged serial killer.

Take this one, for instance:

What was going through these folks' minds? Other than, "I want to create something to cure humanity from ever having, or being able to, sleep again"? Or maybe, "Got these masks just lying around, might as well show 'em off"? Sometimes not knowing if the scariest part. Check that, second scariest part. People in Satanic masks holding a frightened child is worse.