Chicago Tribune exec suspended for sending an e-mail about “sluts”

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Slut Bus spill video Onion

Just days after a New York Times story criticized the Tribune Company for having become a "frat house," its chief innovation officer has been suspended pending an investigation into a sexually-charged e-mail. Lee Abrams is alleged to have sent an e-mail containing one or two videos about "sluts" to multiple recipients in his office – a not very innovative idea for someone looking to avoid a sexual harassment lawsuit.

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Roger Ebert notes: 

[The] Times [recently] ran a front-page story about resentment by Tribune staffers at behavior by top executives they find to be offensive.  

Jeff Bercovici has the letter announcing the suspension, which includes these lines:

"Lee recognizes that the video was in extremely bad taste and that it offended employees—he has also apologized publicly.  He reiterated those feelings again to me privately today.  But, this is the kind of serious mistake that can’t be tolerated; we intend to address it promptly and forcefully."

On the one hand, The Onion video is pretty tame and an obvious piece of satire, but it's definitely not something anyone should feel is appropriate to share with an office full of people. Hell, I would avoid sending it to any subordinates or anyone who isn't a close friend or a non-co-worker. Watch out, people, having fun can be detrimental to your career.