China steals “Angry Birds” for a theme park, fails to see a problem

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Remember all those bootleg Apple stores in China that were attracting attention back in July? Well, that was just the tip of the proverbial oceanbound frozen water-mountain. A theme park in China has stolen Angry Birds to use as an attraction.

Everything about the game, from the slingshot to the design of the titular fowl that players hurl at pigs, was translated into the theme park's attraction. It's just another example of how few rat's asses China cares about intellectual property rights and how difficult it is to get the government to do anything about it.

Rovio, the game's Finnish developer, is in an awkward position here. Chinese authorities were forced to take action on the twenty-four counterfeit Apple stores once international publicity proved too much for them to ignore, but Rovio doesn't have quite the clout of Apple. 

A spokeswoman for Rovio China told the website Mobiledia that it would welcome a partnership, but I can't see what an official Rovio stamp of approval would mean to the creators of the theme park, who seem to be doing just fine without one.