CIA creates Wikileaks Task Force, or as they call it, WTF

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Julian Assange

This might be the most hilariously misguided shorthand since conservatives in Texas started telling everyone they were Teabaggers. The CIA has created a task force to deal with Wikileaks and dubbed it The Wikileaks Task Force. Or, you know, WTF. Which, for an organization that calls itself the Central Intelligence Agency, seems rather dumb. 

And not only because they seem to be admitting to the world that they have no idea Who The Fuck this guy is, or What The Fuck they're supposed to do about him (see what I did there?), but also because it makes them seem almost comically oblivious — to the internet and everyone under the age of thirty-five.  

But, name jokes aside, it's a real thing. Here's what it does

The WTF’s mission is to conduct an extensive inventory of the classified data released by WikiLeaks, as well as assess the released files’ impact on activities such as the CIA’s ability to recruit informants in a climate where few people believe the U.S. government can keep a secret.