“Cleavage girl” uses boobs to get internet nerds to pay her traffic fines

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Cleavage Girl Santa Claus

Winter Michelle is a blogger and a minor internet celebrity hailed by Playboy's The Smoking Jacket as "Cleavage Girl". Recently, Cleavage Girl got herself into an awful little traffic accident and, since she was foolishly texting while driving, the judge sentenced her to community service and slapped her with a $2,500 fine. But poor Cleavage Girl could not pay for all this, and so she faces a jail sentence instead.

So, seeing that she is, in fact, Cleavage Girl, Winter Michelle put forth an (internet) proposition:

I lost my car… my job, and soon-to-be.. my freedom. I am not going to get into details, but I went to court and in order for me to stay out of jail I have to pay fines up the ass and do a ton of community service. I started the "Keep Winter Out of Jail" fundraiser hoping that you nice people might be able to donate to help me out. A dollar here and there will really add up! I am looking for work, but it's so hard without a car. And I can't get a new car without a job to pay for it! It's a vicious cycle and I desperately need some help. I don't want to get raped in jail 🙁

She also hit upon another gimmick to reward people who shell out:

  • 1.00 – $25.00 will get you a brief video in which I will state your names and how much you donated and a big fat "Thaaaank youuuu!" These names will all be massed into 1 video. 
  • $26.00 – $50.00 will get you a personal video…
  • $51.00 – $100.00 will get you a slightly more "risque" video and a small photoset. 
  • $101+ will get you all of the above and a private chat with me on a messenger of your choosing..

Is this the way the internet is going to go? Models pimping their images over the internet?

Winter Cleavage Girl sexy photo