Colin Quinn accuses Will Ferrell of having a bad drug problem on Twitter

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If I were ever a celebrity, I would probably hire someone to run my Twitter account. Maybe not to actually write the tweets, but someone who would perhaps screen all tweets before publication. (I'm sure I could pass that job off to my hypothetical personal assistant, Gennifer. It could be punishment for spelling her name like that.) Why? Because: 1. I like to use my computer while drunk and 2. Every celebrity eventually screws themselves with those devilish 140 characters.

Today's self-flambéed celebrity is Colin Quinn, comedian and former SNL cast member. After catching a glimpse of Will Ferrell at the Mark Twain Prize ceremony — where the other former SNL cast member turned certifiable movie star was collecting the aforementioned prize for American humor — Quinn took to Twitter to basically put his former coworker's shit on blast, accusing him of both plagiarism and drug abuse:

Oh, Colin. Is what you're saying true? Maybe — those of us who weren't working at SNL at the time or know Ferrell at all have no way of knowing for sure. (I mean, Ferrell can sometimes seem coked up, but he's also a professional comedian, so six of one…) But if you thought these tweets would lead to anything except angry reply tweets and forced public apologies, then you have just not been paying attention to how the internet works in the past few years.

Twitter's been around for five years now, famous people. Rookie mistakes like this just aren't going to fly any more, though they will remain entertaining.