Comic asks for one million dollars on YouTube; millionaire offers it

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 one million dollars

Two months ago, Brooklyn comedian Craig Rowin made a YouTube video in which he simply asked if anyone could give him one-million dollars. For no reason. Just to give it to him. Today, Rowin confirmed that his ridiculous request was actually fulfilled by a mysterious millionaire named Benjamin. As proof of this unbelievable act of random largesse, Rowin made another video in which he produced a notarized letter from the man's lawyer and played a telephone message from the man left on his answering machine. He told the Daily News: "I'm overwhelmed right now. I'm trying to figure all this out right now." Rowin said he would collect his check at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Manhattan, where he performs improv, on February 2.

In the original video, celebrities Rowin asked for money included Lady Gaga, Warren Buffett, Gary Busey, Tom Seaver, Nelson Mandela, James Earl Jones, Rudy Giuliani, Ed Koch, Will Smith's kids, and the Chilean miners, apologizing if they weren't millionaires. The story appears to be legit, but we'll have to wait a couple weeks to know for sure. If it is legit, then I am officially asking Benjamin for a mere one-hundred-thousand dollars, as I expect Benjamin to be deluged with requests as this story circulates.