Creepy YouTube user obsessed with Japanese girl group

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 Japanese doll

Frank Evins, a YouTube user better known as Perfume444, is an unrepentant Weeaboo, or Otaku — a Westerner who's obsessed with Japanese culture. And Evins, who appears to be in his fifties or sixties, is particularly taken with Japanese female electropop group Perfume. He has his own perfume444 YouTube channel featuring dozens of videos devoted to the group, and seems to have created a fantasy life revolving around band members Kashiyuka, A-Chan, and Nocchi.

On his YouTube channel he claims that his "love for [Japanese girl group Perfume] is like a father-daughter love… Not sex because they were so young at the time. Even now I still see them as big kids, NOT sex objects." In a recent video, he tries to create a romantic atmosphere as he wishes Kashiyuka a happy birthday, in what could best be described as bad David Lynch. As soon as he answered the wrench-phone, I knew I was a fan for life. The word "creepy" officially has a new picture in the dictionary.