Cross-eyed possum put on cuteness-destroying diet

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Heidi possum

Even though everyone knows that being famous is more important than maintaining your health, German zookeepers don't seem to have gotten the memo: over at the Leipzig zoo, the handlers of Heidi, the cross-eyed internet superstar possum, have decided to put her on a diet which, if successful, would eliminate the fatty deposits behind her eyes that make her look so wacky in the first place. Huge mistake! Sure, it might be "better for Heidi's well-being" to drop some of the fat that's causing her trouble, but who here wants to explain to this chunky possum why all of a sudden none of her 180,000 Facebook fans seem to care anymore? Not me. In the meantime, we'd better re-watch this video and re-live Heidi's glory days before they're behind us forever: