Damn, that “Charlie Bit Me” video has raked in $190,000

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Remember that "Charlie Bit My Finger" video from 2007 that went viral and was at one point the most-viewed YouTube video of all time? The one with the two English brothers, Harry Davies-Carr and his younger tormentor, Charlie, in which Charlie bites down a little too hard on Harry's right index finger? Of course you do, because it's closing in on 400 million views, and happens to encompass, in fifty-six seconds, universal human themes such as Love, Pain, Sorrow, Friendship, and Betrayal. And stunningly, that video has now earned $190,000 for the Davies-Carr family.

Thanks to advertising through the YouTube Partner program, the boys' father, Howard Davies-Carr, was able to afford a new house, and with t-shirts and limited-edition calendars for sale, you can ensure that the bite-heard-'round-the-world is always close to you. If you have a talented cat, take notice: a hit home video, formerly the province of America's Funniest Home Videos and the like, can earn anywhere from $12,000 to $160,000 on YouTube through various payment options, such as $0.95 per 1,000 views, or a nominal fee for each ad click.

Charlie, Harry, and their younger brother Jasper are still acting as golden geese for their parents, through the "Charlie Bit Me!" video series on YouTube, and no wonder, for who can resist an auto-tuned "Charlie Bit Me?" (T-Pain indeed.)