Relationship site declares February 13 “Break Up With Your Ex Day”

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According to a shocking new survey, we're all a bunch of fucking babies. Or, as they put it, we have trouble keeping our exes in the past. The poll, carried out by dating site YourTango, shows that 71% of respondents "think about their ex too much," 74% Google them, and 59% are still friends with them on Facebook. And on top of that, technologies like Twitter and Foursquare make stalking former lovers that much easier (and creepier).

OK, so that's all from the No Duh department. But what to do about it? Well YourTango wants to help you help yourself. To do that, they've decided that February 13 will be Break Up With Your Ex Day. Basically, they're urging you to spend the day cleaning house by:

  • Unfollowing your ex on Twitter, Foursquare and any other social networking sites

  • Untagging and/or deleting photos of yourself and that person online, on your computer and phone

  • Deleting songs and playlists that remind you of the person

  • Blocking or erasing the person on Google chat, AIM and other instant messaging services

  • Deleting their numbers from your phone and their email addresses from your address book

  • Enlisting the support of friends and community to detach and stay detached from your ex

  • Getting back into the dating scene to complete the moving-on process

Following those steps can win you virtual badges, virtual gifts, and other worthless things. But if those measures aren't enough, well, hey — an even better site has an even better guide to getting over your ex.