Drunken deer rampage video goes viral

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Drunk goat

I see dozens of supposedly "amazing" viral videos each day, pretending to watch them for Nerve, but really just to avoid doing actual work. These videos never live up to their hype… except for this one: a deer crashing through an Ohio bar and going on an awkward, thrashing, possibly-drunken rampage.

What really sold me on this one? Well, for one thing, the customers and bartenders and wait staff at Luke's Bar and Grill in Bluffton were actually present, something I've never seen in all those "horny goat weeds its way through a strip club after hours" videos.

The craziness starts thirty seconds in, but stay till the end for what I think is the wildest moment of all: the deer's escape through the parking lot. Hope it's not planning on driving tonight…

Don't miss that one woman who climbs up onto the bar in terror. Deer terror!