Digg employee’s marriage proposal used Twitter, Foursquare, live streaming

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Digg marriage proposal

Matt Van Horn is a young guy who works for Digg and, one suspects, loves all the newfangled technology the internet taps into. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he use Foursquare, Twitter and a live streaming service called Qik to propose to his girlfriend Lauren over the weekend.

I had @afox lure Lauren to our favorite spot overlooking the whole city, Bernal Hill. Amy told Lauren that she was meeting a dog owner to look at a dog she might want to adopt. Waiting at the top of the hill I was hiding behind some rocks waiting to pop-out and get on one knee.

@hutchins [hid] with me behind the rock with his iPhone live streaming the proposal and he also had a camera taking photos. I had sent out the link 30 minutes earlier to both our families, so they were watching live.  

Once I got the signal that she was there, I checked into Bernal Heights Park via Foursquare which shouted the URL to the live stream on Qik, which automatically synced to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I knew Lauren received my tweets via text message on her phone, so I asked her to turn around as I proposed! [Van Horn's Tumblr]

It's a shame the video a) has little to do with the above and b) is totally unintelligible.

Also, the part where he says, "Say hello to the internet; we're live on Foursquare, Twitter…" would make me furious if I had just been proposed to. (Doesn't he seem just thrilled to death that the internet gets to see this, more than anything else that he should be thrilled about? "You're engaged, I think. You're a fiancee now… you're pretty cute. I'm gonna go see if she can relax.")

Do we want our marriage proposals broadcast live without knowledge?

In any case, congratulations to both Lauren and Matt.