Discredit the Bible with this handy infographic

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Bible Contradictions Chart

So… about the Bible. You know, that book people talk about a lot? The one that’s been the justification for some of the most terrible things that have ever happened (and some pretty nice things, too)? Apparently it can’t quite get its story straight if this unbelievably awesome chart is to be believed

Commissioned by Sam Harris of Project Reason and designed by graphic designer Andy Marlow, the chart makes a convenient, mesmerizing visual of 439 different questions on which the King James Bible doesn’t give a straight answer. Issues range from the all-too-relevant (answers vary on “How should adulterers be punished”) to the slightly… less so (see: “Was Abiathar the father or the son of Ahimelech?”) Click, gawk, and fuel either your righteous indignation or spiritual bewilderment, as the case may be.