Do you want your love and sex questions answered by Nerve’s Sex Advice Grandma?

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Perhaps you remember a little feature we ran a while ago called "Sex Advice From My Grandmother," in which Nerve reader Alison DeNisco's eighty-six-year-old Grandma Carmela dispensed with some time-tested sex and dating advice.

The tidal wave of reactions to Grandma Carmela's advice was rich, varied, and wave-like. Some of you disagreed, some of you agreed, and many of you wished you had such an eloquent, no-nonsense figure in your own life to provide you with answers to your own romantic queries. Well, wish no longer. We've been able to bring Carmela out of retirement for one more round of sex advice, and this time, we're opening the field to you, the Nerve audience. Grandma Carmela will be fielding your questions, with Alison herself providing backup.

So leave your romantic queries in the comments below, or on our Facebook page, or send them to to with "For Grandma Carmela" in the subject line. She's a busy lady, so we can't guarantee that every question will get answered, but rest assured, we will try our best.