Doctors blog about weird objects they find inside their patients

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Marilyn Monroe's chest x-ray

NPR, Gizmodo and a blog called Sermo all alerted us to a new viral phenomenon: doctors tiptoeing onto the internet to let us know what objects are getting stuck in what orificies these days.

Scanner has long been fascinated by news stories of vicars with potatoes in their bungholes and other bizarre tales of random items getting stuck in different body parts. (Our favorite, however, will always be Homer Simpson with the crayon in his brain.) Now, doctors are straddling an ethical line to plug these same stories into our brains.

Sermo is, according to Gizmodo, a private website for doctors to unload their problems at the end of another 18-hour day. Here are some of their kvetchings:

Allergist & Immunologist:

I once retrieved a plastic helicopter from a child's nose.

General Surgeon:

5 pens, 2 permanent markers, 3 straws, 2 toothbrushes, 4 Oreo cookie wrappers. All at the same time from the stomach of a patient.


At our hospital recently the general surgeons removed from the stomach a bound and gagged barbie doll that the patient had swallowed.


Large zucchini (rectum). The spiral from a spiral-bound notebook (male urethra). Pencil (male urethra). Cigarette lighter (stomach).

By the way, the image at the top is actually Marilyn Monroe's chest x-ray — there's nothing stuck in there, so you can quit squinting at it. However, the below patient wasn't so lucky… reminding us to be careful with our vibrators…

Vibrator x-ray