Drinkify is your new virtual music-influenced bartender

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There are almost too many ways to get music nowadays. Besides the two legal options of going to the iTunes store and throwing down digital money, or actually walking into a physical record store and paying the jaded clerk with disgusting paper money, there are countless websites that let you listen to music for free — as long as you're willing to give in to their low-demanding stipulation. There's Spotify, Pandora, Turntable, Rhapsody, Mog, Earbits, and on and on, forever and ever, amen. To say the online music-listening market is saturated is to suggest that bits of it can still be seen; it's a full-blown breaking-up-into-unrecognizable-pieces-and-sinking-to-the-bottom-of-the-ocean water-logging at this point. But for as many sites as there are to provide music, there's nothing out there to help with the most important act of music-listening. Namely, drinking while it plays.

Enter: Drinkify.

The concept is simple. You type in the band you're listening to and they'll provide the perfect alcoholic (or, non-alcoholic, if you're listening to something like, say, M83) beverage to accompany your own private listening party. Sure, maybe this is more of a fun little party trick than an actual usable website… but some of the suggestions are eerily perfect. For instance:

"The Weezer": 6 oz. of Kirsch, served on rocks.
"The Billy Ray Cyrus": 1 Miller High Life, served cold.
"The Nirvana": 10 oz. of marijuana, served neat, garnished with pickled carrot sticks.
"The Randy Newman": 10 oz. of whiskey, served on rocks and garnished with pickled asparagus.

That last one is what sold me. Instead of going for the Pixar-era Randy Newman that's easy to make fun of by suggesting some kind of kiddie cocktail or Ectoplasm Kool-Aid drink, they provide one that goes perfect with his early-era dreary and hopeless haunting barroom ballads. This site knows its music. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to head to the store and pick up some pickled asparagus.