Dirty Dancing becomes a Facebook game — don’t get put in a corner

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Dirty Dancing Facebook game

Want to rebel against your dad and woo a dreamy Patrick Swayze during your summer getaway in the Catskills? Well, now you can all from the comfort of your computer. Everyone's favorite non-John Hughes '80s teen flick, Dirty Dancing, is becoming a game on Facebook. The Wrap reports:

"[Lionsgate] says that players will join the characters to build their own resorts, provide guests with activities and dances, spread romance, sample music from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and generally have the time of their lives….

In addition, they must host dance shows — the most successful of which will generate "romance waves," which will help restore luster to their mountain getaways."

Sure, it's absurd. But it sure beats planting planting virtual rutabagas down in Farmville or engaging in a silly Mafia War. Just try not to get put in a corner.