Every so often an internet video comes along that’s so pure and wonderful that it transcends its viral trappings to speak directly to the human soul. Take, for example, the sneezing panda, or that French bulldog puppy that can’t roll over. Now joining the ranks of those adorable titans is The Wire: The Musical! The series widely regarded as the greatest television show ever created is now the greatest Funny or Die video ever created.

Compacting the thematically complex crime epic into a community theater play is brilliant in its sheer wrongheadedness, but what really sells the video are the cameos. Omar! Kima! D'Angelo harmonizing the famous chess metaphor and Bubbs naturally rhyming his name with the word "drugs." And Snoop! In a dress! Girl really does look good. All that's missing is Dominic West and Wendell Pierce repeatedly singing the word "fuck."

Now what remains to be seen is creator David Simon’s inevitably caustic reaction. Considering a March Madness character bracket had him renouncing Wire fans for watching the show wrong, we can only imagine an Our Town­­-style musical parody of his seminal work will send the writer rampaging down the streets of Baltimore. It’ll be like the alien invasion in The Avengers, only with way more exploding crab cakes.

Or maybe he'll take the whole thing in good humor. Don’t ever doubt the soothing powers of a Michael K. Williams dance number.



Commentarium (2 Comments)

Jun 05 12 - 12:43pm

That was really great, but it is still a rip off of Mr Show's "Rap the Musical", right down to the syringe and cell phone replacing the gold tooth. "I'm an old gold tooth and I'll tell you the truth, I live in the mouth of my homie".

Jun 05 12 - 9:34pm
pot-er head

around 2:30, is the cell phone burner Jermaine "dukie" Crawford? Or just a kid that looks like him