We want to live in these 48 photos from the ’90s

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The 1990s were a terrifying and amazing era, sometimes both at the exact same time.

The explosion of the Seattle rock scene to all four corners of the country (good) was followed almost immediately by corporate interests buying and promoting every soulless growling imitator (bad). Risk-taking television programs turned the corner and became pop-culture sensations (Seinfeld, The Simpsons) leading TV execs to try to recreate that formula with watered-down results (Friends). And while we all laughed at the terrible fashion choices of the '80s, we forgot to worry about our own. 

These thoughts all rushed through my mind while looking at the post over at Buzzfeed today, where Matt Stopera captures everything great, terrible, and in-between with forty-eight carefully-culled photos.

All your favorites are here: Saved by the Bell, Urkel, Bob Saget, awkward desktop computers, various incarnations of Leo, laser portraits and, most important of all, AOL. To click on the link is to be transported to the magical world of your youth. You can never go home again, but maybe that's for the best.