Facebook beats Google to become most visited site of 2010

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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Man of the year Mark Zuckerberg can add one more notch to his bedpost: Facebook is officially the most-visited website of 2010 and the most frequently searched term, beating out Google, YouTube, and Yahoo, among others.

The social-networking site accounts for about nine percent of all visits in the US, compared to Google's seven. However, Facebook still lags slightly behind Google when you combine Google's home-page traffic with that of its other properties, like YouTube.

If current rates continue, though, Facebook's usership is projected to double within eighteen months, reaching one billion by August of 2012, and surpassing all of Google's sites long before that.

In either case, it's interesting to consider that a handful of websites, owned by a smaller handful of companies, account for close to a quarter of internet's traffic. Let justifiable worrying about the openness of the web and Big Brother-inspired anarchist ranting commence!