Facebook can now recognize your face in untagged photos

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For those of you who were already concerned about your privacy vis-à-vis Facebook, this can't be reassuring news: the social-networking site has just announced that, using the already tagged pictures on the site, they can match a face to a name even in untagged photos. At the moment, what that means is this: when you upload photos to Facebook, you won't have to endure that laborious task of typing in the name of your friends; instead, Facebook will analyze the faces and present you with suggestions.

You'll still have to choose to tag someone, of course — Facebook isn't yet pulling a HAL 9000 on us and tagging people on its own. So if you have friends who never tag you in their photos, they most likely won't start. Unless they are just really, really lazy people who can't be bothered to tap more than one key.

Oddly enough, the Facebook team is calling this a measure to ensure more privacy. Their reasoning is that the facial recognition will bring to your attention pictures of you that you wouldn't have otherwise known about. Now, you can know about every single picture of you on there. (Hopefully you can get the other person to de-tag any embarrassing ones before they start showing up on news feeds!)

Anyway, this definitely doesn't sound like a technology that could be abused at all. Right?