Facebook group encourages people to put naughty words on supermarket shelves

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Tesco spice shelf

You know that giddy thrill you got when you first learned how to spell "boobs" on your pocket calculator in elementary school? Well a Facebook group dubbed "Supermarket Scrabble" is reaching out to the inner eight-year-olds in all of us by encouraging its members to spell out inappropriate words on grocery-store shelves worldwide. This is apparently especially easy in the U.K. — where spice jars at the chain supermarket Tesco have big, bold, individualized letters on them, so they're just begging to be rearranged for naughty purposes

So far over seven-hundred people have been invited to their April Fool's Day Bonanza, which the group describes as a challenge, "to get rude words on every supermarket shelf on the planet, photograph them and post them on our pages". So shelf-stockers be warned: your aisles are about to be vandalized for the worthiest of global endeavors — to unite the world via butts, boobs and balls.