Facebook is building a supervillain's lair in the Arctic

Okay, okay, it's technically a "data center," but I don't think we can be 100% sure that there isn't also going to be a giant death ray or genetically modified ice wolves with laser helmets. Who knows what success and power will do to Zuckerberg's mind? Drawn by the cold air, which can be used to cool the many servers required to keep Facebook up and running, the company is one of many that is moving such centers into arctic environments. (Plus, I hear the local labor force of reindeer and trolls comes very cheap.) And, because data centers consume huge amounts of energy, the move both helps the environment and helps Facebook's bottom line:

The facility, a set of three 300,000 square foot buildings, is the social networking site's first data center outside the U.S. It's scheduled to be operational by 2012.

Lulea's dry, frigid weather "definitely is a big part" of the company's decision to build there, Facebook spokesman Michael Kirkland said. Using outside air to cool servers is "absolutely beneficial not just from an environmental perspective, but also from a cost perspective."

Kirkland went on to say that Facebook would be building two more outside-the-box data centers in the coming years, one at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and one on the moon. The spokesman stated that these centers have similar environmentally friendly advantages, as well as proximity to the eldritch horrors of the Old Ones and exciting new forms of parasitic alien life, respectively.

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Oct 28 11 - 10:52am
Jeff @ DTM

Wow... pretty sure that's the first use of the word "eldritch" on Nerve this year, if ever. Bravo, sir.

Oct 28 11 - 11:35am


Oct 28 11 - 12:35pm

Jim actually tries to work it in every month or so.

Oct 28 11 - 3:07pm

It's a good word!

Oct 28 11 - 12:22pm
Bye American

O great. More outsourcing. This couldn't have been built in Alaska?

Oct 28 11 - 12:38pm

Put it where the Russians can see it from their back porch?

Oct 28 11 - 5:50pm

It must be cool to have so much money you can do things that from a business pov are totally ridiculous.

Oct 28 11 - 7:35pm

Ridiculous? They purposely picked a cold area for their massive data servers, and Lulea is a well populated city. Facebook's decision is fairly reasonable, though unusual.

Oct 29 11 - 1:32am

Totally ridiculous from an initial investment perspective. Totally practical from a long term cost perspective. Google is a real innovator.

Oct 28 11 - 8:39pm

Well, see, SWEDEN isn't really in the arctic. LuleƄ, look it up.

Oct 28 11 - 11:48pm

He should build it in the Antarctic, with an EMP generator to confuse Dr. Manhattan. And get some swanky purple tights, while he's at it.

Oct 29 11 - 12:55am

You can find me on Google +. Though google is only as evil as facebook but at least comes off as beneficial to the world.

Nov 20 11 - 11:53am

My problem was a wall until I read this, then I samsehd it.

Nov 20 11 - 12:49pm

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