Facebook launches “Groups” to help hide those drunk pictures from your boss

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Facebook Groups Image

Watching what you say online or only friending people you feel comfortable with is so old-school. Today Facebook launched the new Groups feature, which is designed to help users divvy their friends into various smaller groups. The groups can be open or secret, and group chat will allow members to talk together chat-room style. Now your co-workers can get a completely different invasion of your life  perhaps one without all the drunken party pics. Facebook's bringing exclusive back.

We can now invite our friends to join us in gated (if we so choose) social networks where we can share wall posts, links, photos, videos, events, documents and engage in group chat. Sound familiar? Yeah, that’s kind of what Facebook is — or what it started out as.

Now we can create little sanctuaries within the jungle that is Facebook  a place of respite where ex-boyfriends, co-workers and random people we “network” with can’t see us talking about how we really like Justin Bieber or swearing like a sailor. And what does that mean, really — this need to cloister ourselves within a social media cloister? That Facebook has gotten too big. Too all-inclusive. Too much of its own ecosystem — less of a place to interact with friends.

While they're at it, we're hoping Facebook will get real and stop calling all these people we're connected to our "friends."  How about creating a drop-down box of labels, like "people from some party," "my girlfriend's family," and "elementary school classmates I haven't spoken to since"?