Facebook lawyers nix Zuckerberg figurine

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Social-networking technology certainly raises a host of thorny privacy questions, doesn't it? For example, if you're a twenty-six-year-old billionaire who created the world's most popular social-networking technology, can a Chinese knick-knack merchant make a figurine with your dopey face on it?

According to twenty-six-year-old billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, who created some kind of social-networking thing, no. Facebook dispatched its killer lawyers (presumably the same killer lawyers Justin Timberlake sicced on poor puppy-dog-eyed Andrew Garfield) to prevent manufacturer MIC Gadget from selling what the latter was calling the "Poking Inventor Action Figure."

I notice that their page describing the figurine (not really an action figure, is it? Where's the kung-fu grip?) doesn't actually name Zuckerberg or Facebook, though maybe they changed that after they got the cease and desist. It actually looks like a remarkably well-crafted item, with detailed curly hair, open-toed Adidas sandals in the trademark Zuckerberg style, and some customizable add-ons. These last include "Like" and "Poke" signs the figure can hold, and a set of blank speech bubbles you can attach to the head to make faux-Zuckerberg recreate quotes from his many interviews, from The Social Network, or from the Zuckerberg-themed fantasia that plays out constantly in your weird little mind. Or at least, you could, if Facebook weren't so damned litigious. More on this as it… actually, probably not.