Facebook parties might be banned in Germany

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In what might be one of the biggest internet fails ever, over a thousand people crashed a sweet sixteen in Hamburg, Germany because of an inadvertently public Facebook invitation. The party resulted in violent riots, vandalized property, and even aggravated assault. And crazily enough, this isn't the only incident to arise out of faulty privacy settings. Now the Interior Minister of Lower Saxony, Uwe Schünemann, is speaking out against social-media-inspired event crashing, saying that "if safety and order are endangered, then Facebook parties will have to be banned beforehand."

While Germany actually enacting and enforcing the ban seems a bit unlikely (has anyone successfully policed the internet without censoring websites in their entirety?), Schünemann's also suggesting more practical measures be taken, like advocating internet permit courses for teenagers. Some good old-fashioned media literacy may prevent another Facebook-gone-wild kegger.