Facebook seriously upgrades photo features, competes with Flickr

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In continued efforts towards expansion, Facebook has rolled out serious improvements to its photo features. The site is already one of the largest photo-sharing sites in the world — but to this point, it's been mostly a chronicler of drunk things your cousin did at the reunion, and less a serious tool for photographers.

The new features include the capacity for big, hi-res photos (up to 2048 pixels), photo download links, and one of those pretty lightbox features — very similar to one just unveiled by Flickr. The photo size increase takes Facebook out of the amateur realm, and puts it squarely in the professional one; 2048 is print-quality size. Photos will also come with a bulk download option and a link to download the JPEG file, making sharing photos through the site much easier.

The upgrades puts Facebook in position to take over another corner of the internet. As soon as it creates a music-sharing option to beat out MySpace and some sort of 141 character microblogging service, the entire internet will be one website!