Facebook user arrested for statutory rape pics

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Facebook user arrested for statutory rape pics.

In what is bound to become the plot to an upcoming episode of Law & Order: FBU, 27-year-old Philadelphia man Robert Nickson Jr. was arrested for uploading pictures of his 14-year-old fiancée onto his Facebook page

Facebook user arrested for posting statutory rape pics.

Nickson (the intensely pierced guy above) and his illegal bride-to-be were caught updating their Facebook statuses with "in love," "engaged," and other criminal phrases .  

Reports also claim that the (alleged) statutory rapist sent his fiancée sleazy texts like this one: "I wish i had my own place and you lived with me… i would get to see you everyday no matter what time i get done and no one would know where it is." Nickson, who must be a Blackberry guy as opposed to an iPhone guy, is being charged with statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, corruption of minors, and just all-around shittiness.