Facebook wants to trademark the word "face"

Mark Zuckerburg and Facebok want to tradmark the word face.

Mark Zuckerberg and Team Facebook are currently engaged in what one might call a legal face-off: TechCrunch reports that Facebook wants to trademark the word "face." If the social media giant gets its way, rival companies like FaceParty.com will have to efface the "f-word" from their names.

You can monitor status updates on the Facebook request at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's site. Until then, enjoy some of these classics before they're renamed:

Will faces the band change their name is Facebook trademarks face?

Will Faces by John Cassavettes have to change their name if Facebook trademarks face?

John Travolta and Nic Cage in Face Off

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Aug 27 10 - 11:58am

America has beenturned into a bad joke foisted upon us all by its citizens. Get over it, guys.