Fake modelling agencies encouraging child underwear-posing on Facebook

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Lowlifes have brought their pervy ways to Facebook and other social-networking sites with a new ruse as Leicestershire police say that individuals are setting up fake Facebook profiles that masquerade as modelling agencies in order to fool children into posing in their underwear.

Police said the fake agencies appear to be based in Leicester, England, use spurious logos to appear genuine, and, after a number of emails, pressure children into sending them photos of themselves wearing only their underwear. Authorities are investigating after worried parents brought it to their attention.

The most recent impersonation of a genuine agency was that of the Pat Keeling Modeling Agency, whose actual website states that they don't have a Facebook page. Pat Keeling had to clear their name, making it crystal clear that:

"We would never approach people we do not know, people approach us. We do not use social-networking sites to contact people. If someone is interested in modelling then they should visit a reputable modelling agency and have a face-to-face chat."

The pedophile dirtbags are probably going to find some way to capitalize on Farmville or Angry Birds next.