Apparently, this is the future of female comedians

There's an obvious but overlooked difference between a female comedian and a comedic actress. A comedian (regardless of gender) writes material, appears on stage, and is chosen for their talent. A comedic actress (or actor) is someone who performs other people's material and is (generally) chosen more for looks than genuine skill.

That's the difference that Fox News contributor Hollie McKay either doesn't understand or willfully ignores in a blog post with the cringe-inducing title, "New Crop Of Comediennes Combine Funny Bones with Banging Bodies." The article begins with a quote from Carrie Keagan, ostensibly the host of a show on VH1, but in reality a woman whose resume is more populated by appearances as a model, a sexy extra in movies, and in Playboy.

From there, McKay goes on to say that "For women, frump is no longer funny" and that actual comedians like Janaene Garofalo are relegated to playing the female equivalent of Chris Farley.  

Also, every single comedian she cites in her article has worked as an actress and has never written anything. Even in her painful comparison of Jenifer Aniston to Lucille Ball, she leaves out Madelyn Davis, the woman who actually wrote for Ball.

Now, if she had mentioned comedians like Aisha Tyler, Chelsea Peretti... hell, even Whitney Cummings, I would have little to say about this... but she didn't. She chose a bunch of actresses who are definitively not comedians.

This, by the way, is completely divorced of the horrible misogyny of the article: the whole thing seems to suggest that overweight, unattractive women have had the run of the comedy market, and that this unfair monopoly must end, damnit! Sexy women with excellent bone structure will have their day!

I'm surprised she left Sandra Bullock off her list of hot comedians. I mean, she falls down in movies, right? Now that's funny!

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Commentarium (8 Comments)

Oct 13 11 - 1:01pm

Fox News gets something wrong? Stop the presses!

Oct 13 11 - 2:38pm

Jennifer Aniston is the new Lucille Ball? You can't make this shit up...

Oct 13 11 - 4:11pm
Carlos Cabrera

I don't remember Lucille Ball going, "Um, hello? Excuse me?" while squinting in everything she does. This fox article is incredibly upsetting.

Oct 13 11 - 4:39pm

Further re-enforces the stereo type that chicks don't understand comedy.

I keed, I keed. But seriously, above average chicks that think they're models are terrible at sensing sarcasm, rarely get political or movie references, and tend to hear things very literally. At least, that's the only reason I can think of that our dates didn't go very well.

Oct 24 11 - 10:06pm

More likely that you simply sound ignorant and aren't very funny. But blame it on the women if it makes you feel better, I guess!

Oct 14 11 - 2:53pm

The point of this story is that McKay blurred or even confused comediennes with comedic actressess? Oh, the humanity!

Oct 16 11 - 12:45pm
Carlos Cabrera

Well, when you credit a bunch of people who aren't comedians as being the latest wave of them, It might piss a few people off. Y'know, like ACTUAL comedians.

Oct 16 11 - 9:33pm

Or maybe they just shouldn't care.