Fox News reporter asks if beaten woman deserved it on Twitter

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Megyn Kelly, an anchor on Fox news, wrote the above tweet today, advertising an upcoming story but also asking whether or not the man who beat a woman over a parking spot was right when he claimed she deserved it. This is what happens when you either: A) have terrible views about blaming victims of assault or B) let an intern do your tweeting for you with little to no oversight.

Chances are Kelly doesn't think so — or at least I hope she doesn't. But this is the problem with Twitter: it encourages simplification, and when you're trying to be simple and sensational, you can get yourself into trouble. And she doesn't even get the story right! Here's the bit she was probably referring to, from the New York Post:

Fuller, in an exclusive interview with the Daily News, said he hit her "out of reflex" after she smacked him for trying back his Plymouth Voyager into an E. 14th St. parking spot she was saving for her boyfriend…

"She hit first," the 5-foot-7 Fuller reiterated outside of court.

That's not… really the same thing. (And it should go without saying that we should all not hit each other.) Kelly should at least realize that ending the tweet with "In Kelly's Court!" can be read as "this story coming in Kelly's Court" or "in Kelly's Court he's right!"  The takeaway here? Don't blame the victim, read your tweets carefully, and Megyn Kelly probably wishes it wasn't International Women's Day.