Gap’s bizarre new ad campaign uses GPS-tagged live reindeer

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The Gap

Gap — everyone's favorite totally mediocre clothing store — seems intent on fully exploring the idea that "There's no such thing as bad publicity." The clothing company has decided to center its holiday promotions around the migratory patterns of a pack of live reindeer, a campaign that's nonsensical in a way that seems almost troubling. 

Basically, they GPS-tagged a bunch of reindeer and launched a website about it. The sweater-hungry masses are meant to visit the site, track the reindeer's movements, tweet "at" the deer, and then somehow, get twenty percent off on some cargo pants. I spent about ten minutes on the site trying to figure out what exactly it all meant before giving up in exhaustion. 

This is the latest in an increasing number of signs that The Gap has been taken over by a cabal of crazies. Earlier this year, they replaced their logo with such a stupid redesign that the internet rioted until it was changed back. Which is pretty mind-boggling, when you consider how little anyone cares about corporate logos. Or The Gap.