German company will turn your Facebook profile into a book

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Does Facebook make you feel like your relationships are airy and ephemeral? Like you're secretly totally alone? Like your last tenuous connection to the rest of the human race might just dry up and blow away, leaving you in your apartment slowly irradiating yourself in the cold glow of your laptop? Then maybe it's time to get off the computer preserve all your Facebook information in the form of a book made by Germans!

The German company  Deutsche Post DHL just released the Social Memories Facebook app, which scans your profile and generates a thirty-page book compiling your photos ("here's me on my webcam"), your status updates ("so alone"), info about your most active friends (you don't have an- okay, I'll stop), and so on. This beautiful tribute to you will set you back $27. It looks pretty cool, actually, although I question whether it will help you "get to know your friends better," as the ad suggests. Maybe just take that $27 and buy one of your friends a drink.