Girl becomes internet sensation after wearing bikini for TSA inspection

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Bikini girl

Corinne Theile. Remember that name, as I bet it'll soon to be everywhere, from the Jimmy Fallon show to the cover of Maxim. That's because Theile spent her Thanksgiving as the talk of the internet — and a boring television-news weekend — after donning a bikini to go through airport security.

Of course, TSA agents didn't put up with any of this terroristic behavior and probably gave her a full body scan and a patdown. And then a supervisor had them do it again to make sure they'd done it correctly.

Theile (who apparently works in marketing) and her ego spoke to the press in this already-viral video:

Memo to Ms. Theile: you might want to check and see if you're going through the full body scanner before you pull a stunt like that. Otherwise your stunt is somewhat irrelevant. I mean, that was just an old-fashioned metal detector, right?