Get unlimited Glenn Beck online for five dollars a month

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You can buy some awesome things for five dollars: a foot-long sub, a happy-hour drink, five Diet Cokes. But would you really shell out five ducats for endless Glenn Beck? Taking a cue from the all-powerful Oprah, Glenn Beck will be launching his own live-streaming video network, charging five bucks for a subscription. His show will be two hours long and run along other original programming. (Dramatic readings of The Overton Window, one can only hope.) The network will be called GBTV and will launch on September 12th, so mark your calendars and hope the rapture is re-assigned.

Clearly, I'm not a fan of Glenn Beck and his shenanigans, but I do like the idea of confining him to a place where those who really want to see him can for a minimal fee, but no one else has to put up with him. Kind of like a freak show at the circus! If only we could do away with other irksome celebrities in the same way.