Go Daddy donates $500,000 to fund women’s health center, continues making insane sex-filled ads

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Go Daddy Advertisement

What do you do to offset the fact that your company uses inanely provocative advertising campaigns featuring scantily clad women gyrating around in wet T-shirts? I guess you donate $500,000 to start something called the Go Daddy Women's Health Center. The health center, set to open in 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona, will focus on HIV/AIDS prevention for women. 

The context of this publicity stunt is particularly interesting. As opposed to Mark Zuckerburg's PR grab, donating $100 million to the New Jersey school system, which basically amounted to a random act of goodwill, Go Daddy seems to be framing their financial donation as a form of reparation. Is it just me, or are they sort of acknowledging that their sexy-ladies-hyping-URLs tactic amounts to a type of exploitation of women, and that thus, they ought to benefit the group that their marketing harms? Good job, Go Daddy. Thanks for admitting that you exploit gender stereotypes for profit, but then donating a tiny sliver of that profit to make sure we women don't get AIDS.