Google buys Zagat in continuing quest for world domination

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As part of its efforts to screw Facebook "expand its local offerings," Google has purchased restaurant rating giant Zagat.

Tim and Nina Zagat, the husband-and-wife founders of the culinary-grading site, didn't disclose the details of the transaction, but I'm guessing it falls somewhere between "a buttload," and "a crap-ton." They plan to remain involved in the business as co-chairs.

Known for its thirty-point scale and detailed reviews, Zagat began life as a two-page typed list and has grown steadily into a global monolith with millions of loyal readers and reviewers happy to gab about their favorite eatery.

However, the ascendancy of Yelp and multiple other online restaurant guides has pushed Zagat to partner with a host of heavy online players like Foursquare, Facebook, and Google.

Zagat put itself up for sale about three years ago and hired Goldman Sachs to help with the process, finishing the sale around six months later.

Marissa Mayer, Google's top executive for local and location services, tweeted a whimsical (or possibly grating) haiku about the deal:

Delightful deal done

Zagat and Google now one

foodies have more fun!

Zagat, for their part, gave the deal a perfect 30 rating on their web site. How adorable.