Google pulls controversial “Is my son gay?” app

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Is my son gay? app

Looks like you'll have to communicate with your child now in order to find out their sexual orientation. Bummer, I know. Google has finally pulled the controversial "Is my son gay?" app for Android. (What can't technology do these days?) "We remove apps that violate our policies," a company spokesman said, declining to comment further. I guess they didn't want to acknowledge all the pressure from gay advocacy groups to remove an app based on stereotypes and homophobia. But hey, at least they listened.

Ironically, the app, which posed winking questions like "Does your son read the sports pages?" and "Does he care about how he dresses?" was actually created by an openly gay dude. Whether you find it humorous or offensive is irrelevant now, since it's gone. But it's sure to be replaced by another controversial app sometime soon. Maybe there should be an app to determine if your app should even exist in the first place? Someone get on that.