Google says Chinese government is blocking Gmail access

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Google China

In a statement released on Sunday, Google accused the Chinese government of blocking user access to Gmail in the country, an issue the company looked into after some users in China reported problems accessing their accounts. "There is no issue on our side; we have checked extensively," read the statement. "This is a government blockage, carefully designed to look like a problem with Gmail."

For its part, the Chinese government has yet to comment on the statement, which marks yet another incident in its tense relationship with the company. Just last year Google relocated its Chinese headquarters to Hong Kong from Beijing, where company officials suspected that a series of hacking attempts had been supported by the Chinese government.

Censorship in China has only intensified since the recent series of protests in the Middle East, so it's anyone's guess whether users in China will get normal Gmail access back anytime soon, and if they'll be given back the universal, inalienable right to spend the work day G-chatting.