Google Scribe is today’s best new time waster

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It's like the Internet is writing poetry! Insane, stream-of-consciousness, corporate-jargon peppered poetry. Today the new "Google Instant" is getting most of the attention, probably with good reason — it's a radical change to a service that was relatively simple and which we all used. Plus, it is crazy annoying. (I will stand by that opinion until the new service wears me down or a more tech-savvy friend shows me why it's better.)

But Google Scribe, which is also new this week, is amazingly hilarious. It's meant to be an auto-complete tool for larger chunks of text, and operates in sort of the same way as the predictive drop-down search suggestions do on regular Google. Like that tool, this one is consistently entertaining:

Starting out with a more interesting term is useful, but if you just keep pressing "Enter" you end up in repeating loops of online lingo, the stuff that appears in FAQs and online help manuals.

If you throw in a few ringer words every now and then, though, you can get stuff like this:

And, finally, because why the hell not, this is a short Google Scribe poem I composed about Batman:

Google Scribe may not be a "game", per se, but it is amusing and at least with all the typing you might sound like you're still working. Enjoy!