Google Street View busts Williamsburg drug ring “catering to hipster crowd”

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Google street view drug bust

Another day, another item to add to the weirdly long list of Google’s powers: besides running your entire social and professional life, the internet giant can now bust you for drugs. A crew of alleged heroin dealers  in Brooklyn have been caught, not just because of beta technology like “police work” but because of Google Street View.

Several images from the site caught suspects loitering in front of East Williamsburg’s Neighborhood Grocery bodega, where the group of seven dealers were reportedly were “catering to the hipster crowd.” Accordingly, police involved in the related sting went undercover “dressed as hipsters” according to the New York Post, buying ten-dollar bags of heroin with unexpectedly enticing brand names like “KFC,” “Magik,” and “Powerful Impact.”

In other words, Google will now be filming your every move (legal or otherwise) on the streets of Williamsburg. Either an exciting coup for technology, or a serious damper on your weekend, depending who you ask.