Woman accuses Google of “No Fatties” hiring policy

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Nearly everyone has had some tech friend gush to them about how great Google is, not just as a search engine, but as a company. But a New York City woman is alleging that the company excluded her and six other potential applicants because of their weight.

The woman, who is remaining nameless, claims that she was at the Google offices for a test that was the second step in the hiring process — she'd already completed a phone interview, so all that was left was an exam that "contained LSAT-style logic questions, and… two of the three were about fitness — running, personal training."

The woman notes that after the test, she and six other applicants were escorted out, at which point she realized "There was not one fat person left in the pool." She continues that, in the elevator, the rejected women:

"…looked at each other. One girl had tears in her eyes and that's when I realized, [the HR official] separated out the fatties."

I'm torn on this. For one thing, I think it's hilarious that the woman bringing the suit against Google referred to her and her similarly discriminated-against colleagues as "fatties." But I also think it's depressing (if this is actually true) that Google would do such a thing. Fatties (her word!) are people too.

But on a serious note, there are several questions going unanswered. Did she actually speak with the other women? Who cares what Google administrators look like? (I would be unable to differentiate between Google employees and Yahoo employees if I were hypothetically forced to shoot one of them in a Face/Off kind of situation.) And perhaps most importantly, since discrimination against overweight people isn't a crime, what is the woman's end game in this? Predictably, Google has declined any specific comment, noting only that "We don't discriminate in our hiring process."