Google’s murder-themed logo celebrates Agatha Christie’s birthday

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Google celebrates Agatha Christie

In honor of the birth of Agatha Christie, Google has changed its homepage logo to an incredibly elaborate murder scene. A group of bespoke and gentlemanly letters stand around the body of a murdered letter 'O,' in a very British drawing room. (Or is a conservatory?) It might be the coolest, most complex Google logo I've ever seen.

The logo shows up on Google in Christie's native Britain (here) and in a few other countries, but not in the U. S. She would have been 120-years-old today, and is widely credited for inventing (or at least popularizing) the detective novel. The Guinness Book of World Records credits her as the world's best selling author, with over two billion copies sold. 

At the time of this writing, Agatha Christie is also a top trending topic on Twitter. Although, before you ascribe too much literacy to the Twitterati, about half the tweets are celebrating her, and half wondering who she is.