Rap video parodies walk a fine line: for every genius Whole Foods-related parody, there's a dozen embarrassingly pseudo-witty corpses littering the field. Fortunately for those of us that can enjoy humor without such polarizing opinions, there's a new video by the Greenwich Village-based taqueria Dos Toros, called "Guac It Out."

The video is, ostensibly, a parody of "Walk It Out" by UNK, and features such delectable coupltes as "Sippin' on an Arnold Palmer 'round the clock / rice ain't vegetarian, it's got a little chicken stock."

If you live in New York, rejoice that the culinary geniuses that spawned this video also make us high-end Mexican food. If you don't, just enjoy the hilarity of this video: "Now back to the guacamole / I drink it up like vanilla Stoli."


Commentarium (6 Comments)

Oct 14 11 - 7:28pm

This is definitely the Citizen Kane of delicious burrito/hip-hop parodies.

Oct 15 11 - 12:38am

Greenwich Village? They have zero cred in the Mexican or Northern California cuisine dept. You will never find a burrito worth eating within 100 miles of NYC. Stick to Sushi and Pizza NY!

Oct 15 11 - 10:06pm

Try Dostoros buddy, if you still pretend you don't like their food then their is some up with you.

Oct 15 11 - 10:43pm

Thanks for the tip. I'm not immune to changing my mind on this, but in 15+ years, it just hasn't happened.

Nov 17 11 - 6:34pm

Nerve, spellcheck :(