Randall, of Honey Badger fame, reveals appearance in new interview

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So. Honey Badger. Randall. Crazy, nasty-ass. Doesn't give a shit. Ringing bells? Well, for those of you filled with a burning desire to see the man responsible for one of the biggest viral videos ever, wait no longer. Randall, the voice of the Honey Badger video, did an exclusive interview with TMZ the other day and looks exactly the way we all assumed he'd look. 

Clad in oversized sunglasses and facial hair a la 1970s opium den, Randall answered hard-hitting questions like "Why did you make this video?" and "What makes the honey badger so special?" Pay careful attention, everyone: this is how you murder an internet meme — analyzing in any capacity further than "This is funny" or "This is not funny."

Randall goes on to explain that everyone is a honey badger at heart, working in the classic "I am desperately trying to make this more relevant than it ever was or will be" signifier: "Today's society." 

"I think, because of today's society, it's an animal that a lot of people I feel can relate to. I think a lot of people are fed up, I think a lot of people want to be able to take what they want… everyone inside of them has an inner honey badger."

The Buddha himself couldn't have dispensed better advice. It's like every fortune cookie on earth got together and shat out serious wisdom. You hear that, guys? The internet is giving us permission to act as the honey badger does. Let the pan-sexual, snake-eating violence orgy begin in the streets!